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Alfredo Vergara-Lobo, MSW, ORSCC 

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With backgrounds in education, social work, organizational change, and recreation, Alfredo brings years of experience with non-profit and public entities domestically and abroad to his work with organizations and individuals. He received his MSW from the School of Social Welfare at UC Berkeley and his BA from San Francisco State University.

Alfredo has taught in public and private schools the United States and Latin America, and has guest-lectured for the schools of Social Work and Social Welfare at San Francisco State University and the University of California, Berkeley respectively. A popular speaker and presenter, he has trained and presented to hundreds of audiences throughout the country and abroad in English and in Spanish, including the train-the-trainer series “Institute for Nonprofit Consulting” (INC), which prepares nonprofit consultants for successful careers in the sector.

Throughout his tenures as senior consultant at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and La Piana Associates, Alfredo has trained and consulted with hundreds of nonprofits, foundations, and government entities domestically and abroad, in English and in Spanish in the areas of strategic planning, board development, strategic partnerships, and cultural competence.

An expert in nonprofit partnerships, he was a founding consultant for the Strategic Solutions project, a national initiative to advance the field of nonprofit partnerships and fine tune knowledge and practice in that area. 

As a certified coach, Alfredo has worked with nonprofit and public sector leaders to assist them in accomplishing their organizational and individual goals. He is a principal coach at Prism Coaching, a consortium of six multicultural coaches who provide culturally aware coaching services.

Published work

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  • "Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations: A Practical Guide and Workbook" © 2005, John Wiley and Sons. Contributing author.
  • "Crossing Borders, Sharing Journeys: Effective capacity building with immigrant and refugee groups" © 2006, Fieldstone Alliance. Contributing author.
  • "Cultural Competency in the Nonprofit Sector: Starting the Conversation" © 2009, Fieldstone Alliance. Contributing writer.

Rosi Bustamante
Senior Associate

With a background in nonprofit entrepreneurship and leadership, Rosi Bustamante is a bilingual and bi-cultural Latina professional who brings years of experience in fundraising, start-ups and organizational development to Vergara-Lobo Associates.

Growing up in Tijuana, Mexico, she fell in love with volunteerism as a strategy to create effective change, and then chose the non-profit sector as her college career for the power of its impact and its value on transparency.  After obtaining her master’s degree, she concentrated on K-12 environmental education and land conservation.  This eventually led to her leadership in creating the first land trust in Baja California, Mexico in 2001. Together with a team of dedicated volunteer conservationists from both sides of the border, and the support from U.S. funders, Terra Peninsular was formed and today it is the most effective land trust in the region.  Rosi’s experience in creating an organization from the ground up, with funding support and a core team of volunteers, has given her the professional profile of leading innovative change where it’s most needed.

With her skills in working with funders and donors, in 2006 she began to focus on fundraising and board development.  Rosi joined the Multicultural Alliance and the Association of Fundraising Professionals Golden Gate Chapter board, where she served among the Bay Area’s top fundraising gurus for three years, leading to her current fundraising consulting practice specializing in small organizations, Latino groups, online fundraising and board development. Other services she provides are grant writing, and developing donor programs, both for individuals and major gifts.

Rosi’s recent passion revolves around increasing nonprofit Latino leadership. She is seeking to implement models to recruit Latino professionals, prepare them to serve on boards of directors, and incorporate mentorship opportunities both for board members and staff.

Rosi likes to create initiatives from the ground up, building the power of individuals and groups.  Where there’s a need, she likes to work with others to find solutions to transform our future.

Jenna Carlsson
Senior Associate

Jenna is a change maker bringing 10 years of experience in non-profit coordination, program evaluation, project management and social impact event planning to Vergara-Lobo Associates. Jenna has a Masters in Social Work: Management and Planning, and an MA in International Studies: Latin America from UC Berkeley.

Jenna became involved with immigrant rights and social justice issues after living abroad in Senegal, West Africa, and has since worked with refugee and immigrant populations from around the world. Jenna coordinated community engagement and health initiatives in the Latino Monument Corridor of Concord, and currently serves as Board Member and Communications Lead for Concord equity-focused nonprofit, Neto Community Network.

Passionate about bringing people together for macro-level social change, after completing her MSW, Jenna started her consulting business to use her ability to organize people, projects and events for social impact. Bringing a deep understanding of social justice issues, non-profit coordination and communications, Jenna uses collaborative and organized project management to create diverse, creative and inspiring events and projects. As a social impact event planner, Jenna has coordinated convenings, summits and fundraisers for organizations such as The San Francisco Foundation, The San Pablo Youth & Parents Grants Initiative and The Latino Community Foundation.

Jenna brings a systems-oriented process-improvement mindset to non-profit organizational change. She is a positive connector who builds bridges between different worlds. She has traveled extensively, including studying Spanish in Latin America, and loves to dance, bike, and explore the great Bay Area outdoors.

Rosa Boshier
Senior Associate

With a background in education, the arts, and community development, Rosa brings to Vergara-Lobo Associates her sharp writing skills, a keen eye for the imaginative, and a strong understanding of the complex challenges that organizations face. Rosa is a development and communications professional with expertise in fund development. She has cultivated relationships with foundations such as The National Endowment for the Arts, The California Endowment, and Taproot Foundation. 

Rosa's career began as an author and educator. She wrote several non-fiction books and curriculum guides for Redline Editorial and then worked with Oakland-based Arts and Literacy in Childrens' Education (A.L.I.C.E.). This on-the-ground experience fueled her passion for philanthropic work and catapulted her into the work of nonprofit capacity-building. 

As a Latina, Rosa Boshier understands first hand the value of cultural diversity. For this reason, she has committed herself to working with under-represented communities nationwide. Her diverse cultural background led her to earning a B.A. from Mills College in Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies. She then went on to work as a fund developer for notable institutions such as The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco, CA. She has successfully increased the fundraising capacity of popular organizations, such as The Unity Council, a nonprofit serving Latino populations in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, CA. Currently, she is a development team member at Kounkuey Design Initiative, an urban planning nonprofit that partners with underserved populations in Latin America, Africa, and the United States. 

Carmen Canto Young

With backgrounds in public health, social work, organizational capacity-building, research and evaluation, and cultural competence, Carmen brings years of experience with nonprofits, universities, and government to her work at Vergara-Lobo Associates. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California in Los Angeles, and obtained double master degrees in Social Welfare and Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.

As a researcher and evaluator, Carmen has lead capacity-building projects with groups in the areas of children, youth and families, health, HIV/AIDS, mental health and education. As a consultant Carmen has provided training and capacity-building services to help clients write their goals and objectives for program implementation and evaluation planning, and presentations at meetings and conferences to present project evaluation results. The unique combination of her interdisciplinary skill allows her to provide consulting services that take into consideration, administrative and fiscal aspects, in addition to a rigorous yet customer-paced focus on demonstrating and documenting program implementation through evaluation planning, tracking, and reporting.

As a trainer, she has provided learning opportunities in staff development, evaluation planning, structured interviews in longitudinal research, and evidence-based curricula.

Being a fully bilingual / bi-cultural immigrant in English and Spanish and having completed a good portion of her work on issues related to Latino communities, Carmen enjoys working in groups and community settings and has been involved with community groups such as Latin Pride and the Latino Equality Alliance. Her belief is that much of the work with community based organizations needs to still be represented in the literature so that the achievement and accomplishments are recognized and the needs of the community more appropriately resourced.

Neha Gupta


Neha Gupta is a brand and marketing strategy expert, especially focused on uncovering target audience insights to create results-focused strategies for organizations to establish their unique niche.  While Neha offers turn-key market research services – both qualitative and quantitative – she takes the research to the next level by transforming the findings into actionable insights and branding to help an organization grow and evolve its impact, all while staying true to its mission.

Neha’s background includes years of experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.  Prior to launching her consulting practice, she established her strategy and research skills while working on household brands such as Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, Dove body wash, and Clorox bleach, managing budgets of up to $53 million. 

In the non-profit sector, Neha recently completed a marketing web campaign strategy and implementation for the Gates Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation and Liquidnet to drive data use amongst non-profits.  She has also been assisting REDF (a San Francisco-based venture philanthropy firm and winner of White House Social Innovation Fund support) and its portfolio on brand and marketing strategy, including clients such as Solutions SF, People’s Harvest, Blue Skies Cleaning, 360⁰ Solutions, and the Center for Employment Opportunities.  Her work regularly involves organizations that work with vulnerable and under-resourced populations.

Neha holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University and an MBA in Marketing and Nonprofit Management from the Yale School of Management.

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